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Jun 10, 2021

Why are cows coming out of their habitat?

 Why are cows coming out of their habitat?
Jun 10, 2021

 Why are cows coming out of their habitat?

Radhanagari Sanctuary is the original habitat of the Kolhapur district. Recently, cows from Bhimashankar, Panshet, Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar, Pandharpur, Sangli, Thane, etc. have been reported.


Goa was in the forest. Then he was coming to the field, then he came to the village and finally he started coming from time to time even in big cities like Pune. His coming and going, appearing, attacking, crowding around him, shouting have all become routine. He has also started getting a place in the newspaper in a couple of days.

Goa is a wild animal, a giant heavy animal with hooves, weighing about seven hundred to one thousand kilograms. This rhinoceros mainly goes out to graze in the morning, early morning, or even late evening. In the afternoon sun, he sleeps in the thicket. Grasses, shrubs, twigs, and especially bamboo in the open field are his

Favorite food. This herd always lives in herds of 30 to 50. This is a full-grown male. Remains independent. The herd is led by a female village. The cow is a herbivore and is a daytime working animal. It usually has a lifespan of twenty-five to thirty years. It has a very large head, a slender body, and heavy horns. In female cows, however, the horns are a bit loose

Are. Their strengths are their overall size and their extremely sensitive sense of smell. Both males and females have horns. Goa in particular is a very shy animal. He comes of age in two to three years

Able to reproduce. Once enabled, we will easily travel long distances with the attraction of female cows

Can. At the same time, the gestation period of a cow is 270 to 280 days.

Originally from Radhanagari Sanctuary in Kolhapur district, this animal regularly visits Bhimashankar, Panshet, Ajra, Kagal, Radhanagari, Bhudargad talukas of Kolhapur district. Cows like to lick salt, salty soil, rocks. It grows in areas where there are saline soils and rocks in the forest


Is. The use of chemical fertilizers has also led to the growth of this village. At the same time, due to the decrease in the number of carnivores, tigers, and leopards, the number of villages is increasing and they are coming out of their habitat. There are records of Mahabaleshwar, Pandharpur, Sangli, and Thane in Maharashtra including the Kolhapur district. A few days back, a video of a hotel driver in Mahabaleshwar feeding a cow went viral on social media. Initially, he started feeding himself from a distance, and then his video went viral. It is a crime to feed man-made food to wildlife. But the distance between humans and humans as a whole is getting shorter Just for sure.

Against this backdrop, I now wonder whether we will have to live with most of these wild animals .. elephants, cows; Bible migration is no longer new. Proper awareness of all citizens will be essential. Otherwise, the accident that occurs after coming in contact with such animals, the loss of life will increase and if a conflict arises out of it, we are afraid that this animal will win and we will be gone forever.

As per the Government Resolution dated 10th February 2021, it is very important to determine the responsibilities and duties of veterinarians regarding wild animals and to increase the number of veterinarians in the forest department.

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