World Health Organization warns of Delta virus outbreak - All in one alert
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Jun 25, 2021

World Health Organization warns of Delta virus outbreak

  World Health Organization warns of Delta virus outbreak
Jun 25, 2021

  World Health Organization warns of Delta virus outbreak

On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that Corona's most contagious 'delta' variant is likely to outperform other variants if the current trend continues. In more than 85 countries around the world, the World Health Organization has issued this warning.

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Globally, the alpha variant is found in 170 countries, regions, or territories, while the fingerprint is 119. The Gamma format is found in 71 countries and the Delta variant is found in 85 countries, 'the WHO said in its weekly epidemiological update' Covid-19 '. The Delta variant has been confirmed to be found in 85 countries around the world, and the tradition of being found in other countries in all WHO-covered areas continues. It has been found in 11 areas in 2 weeks

How is the Delta variant different?

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Has come. The organization has also clarified that the four 'worrying' forms of the corona, alpha, beta, gamma, and delta are closely monitored. 'Delta Corinthians is more contagious than the alpha variant. If the current trend continues like this, it is feared to be more prevalent. Has said. Last week (June 14-20), the highest number of corona patients (4,41,976) was found in India. This is 30 percent less than the previous week. India also has the highest number of casualties (16,329). Nearly 6 lakh new cases and 19,000 deaths have been reported in Southeast Asia. This is 21 percent and 26 percent less than last week, respectively. The decline in the number of patients and victims in the region depends largely on the number of patients in India, ”the update said.

Triple the rate of vaccination

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi interacted. In it, he will fulfill Corona's purpose. But, despite all this, Vaccine Gandhi on Thursday expressed grave concern over the pace of vaccination against corona in the country, advising the government to triple the pace of vaccination. "Vaccination needs to be tripled by the end of this year to vaccinate all adults in the country," he said.

Sonia Gandhi on Thursday met Congress general secretary and state in-charge online 

He advised the government to be prepared from now on to protect the children from the possible waves. Yakami also appealed to the Congress leaders to make special efforts to allay the people's fears about vaccines and prevent wastage of vaccines. 'The pace of daily vaccination at the national level needs to be tripled. Only then will 75 percent of the country's population be vaccinated by the end of December

Depends on the supply. Therefore, Congress will always put pressure on the Center on the issue of demand and supply of vaccines, 'she said. 'Experts fear the third wave of the corona. Some fear the wave could be dangerous for young children. Therefore, immediate steps need to be taken to keep children safe from this wave, ”she said. He also appealed to the general secretary and the state in charge to convey to the people the white paper issued by Congress on the government's corona mismanagement. 'Rising prices of fuel and essential commodities have broken the backs of the common man. Inflation has skyrocketed amid declining domestic employment. "People, there is no prospect of the country's economy getting back on track," she said.

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