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Jun 8, 2021

Learn the secret of what is neon color that looks beautiful on girls

Learn the secret of what is neon color that looks beautiful on girls
Jun 8, 2021

You are too thin. Is this a matter of tension? Things to do to look 'weighty'!

Hello friends I am informative Rishi

Today we will talk about........

Body shaming is also common among thin women, it is wrong. Some people have a terrible complexion to look at it, it must be taken out of mind. These things affect the mind

{What kind of clothes do thin girls wear to make them look pretty, heavy, and weighty?}

What a great discussion of weight gain. So much for lockdown now. But what about thin, sticky men? They are also annoyed by many people. Body shaming is just like that. Names are also kept. Taunts are also killed. It is also called malnutrition. And no matter what clothes they wear, people still laugh because they hang the hanger. This body-shaming is completely boring. But what to do anyway? If so, what kind of clothes do thin girls wear that will make them look heavier, heavier, and more beautiful?
Now, even after reading this problem, one can smile that if it is thin, what is wrong with it? But people give names to thin girls, it seems that they are not getting married. In fact, very few people in the world think that there are very few slim people in the world. The salesman, who throws a small size dress in front of us, gets angry saying, "There is a no smaller size than this". He wants to die. Clothes of such a large size are now available readymade.
But what is the solution?

... so these are the things to keep in mind

1. When sewing clothes, you should add shoulder pads to your kurtas and shirts. Sew clothes in such a way that the shoulders look good and wide. These shoulder pads look very useful for that.
2. Slim girls should preferably not wear sleeveless dresses. So the fines still look fine. Use puff sleeves instead. The exterior should have some texture, print on it rather than plain color. Avoid wearing a tight belt around the waist. The waist looks even thinner when the strap is tied.
3. The fabric of the dress should be such that it will look a little fluffy and bloom. Clothing that sticks to the body should not be worn at all. Cotton, corduroy, wool, linen, pure silk, organza, velvet, brocade, fabrics should be used as much as possible.
4. Layering can be beneficial when there is no summer. I used to wear a T-shirt on the inside and a check shirt on it. Looks trendy and looks a bit thick. Otherwise, there is no problem with wearing a jacket with wide shoulders.
5. Because we are thin, some children have a misconception that they can walk even if they wear loose clothes, or they should wear loose clothes. But he should not wear clouds. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The message that you have something complex about your stupidity also goes through it. So don't do that. Sew well-fitting, well-fitting clothes.
6. Girls who have a lot of complexity to be thin should use this type of salwar, Patiala instead of churidar.
7. Avoid fine prints. Use bold prints instead. A combination of pastel or dark colors and medium print also looks good.
8. Don't wear big watches, big bags, belts, necklaces, earrings on the wrist. They look bigger than your body, and then you look even thinner.

Bright neon colors, very bright magic that changes the color of the fashion world

In the past, skin color was used to decide which color to use. The shadow girls did not wear dark-colored clothes. The wheat color was getting semi-dark, but the red, black, white, pink, green colors seemed to dominate only the whites. But now, putting aside this rusty ideology, the fashion of the youth is adorned with neon colors. Neon colors are in. There are bright colors like green, blue, yellow, pink, red. Even though going out during lockdown has stopped now, Zoom Meeting, FaceTime, Insta are still going on.
Sometimes in the form of a necklace of bracelets, sometimes in the form of bracelets and bracelets. So ever hairband to hair cover parent. Neon is in vogue even in summer.
Hairbands like Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Blue are now used along with common colors like red, black, pink, white, gold, silver. You can also take neon colors

The next article will come soon
I am your informative  Rishi..........

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